Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Time for Africa (Waka Waka)

hye semua,

demam world cup?? korg bet team mane jd juara?? aku?? so-so je, xminat mane pon bola sepak ni. but still follow gak la. of coz la 'oranje' menjadi pilihan hatiku.. see..poll aku pun dh menunjukkan Ned bakal menjadi juara thn ni. miahahahhaha. kalau uols xsetuju, jgn lupa vote okay :))

rata2 status kat fb sume shout psl world cup yg plg aku minat sekali dgn yg ni, i quote from Nasrul Iszouane fb status.

"After such a poor display in defeat to Uruguay, South Africa can exit the World Cup with pride with victory over the mighty France. They may be the first host country to fail to emerge from their group, but they were never expected to go far. They only go out on goal difference and that, in a way, is a triumph." 


ps : Time moves so fast when you're having fun :(

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