Monday, December 28, 2009

my best friend from libya

her name is Intesar Bashir Tabal, my best friend from libya. she already married and have one beautiful charming daughter name Jomana. we were working so hard to complete our research study. working with her give me a lot of experience. ngeeee...hehehhehe. kdg2 stress jugak psl tau je la kan perangai pak2 ngn mak2 arab ni, they all keep pushing and sume bnde nk cepat. wuuuu..sgt penat. but in the other side mmg bagusla, so keje kita pun jalan kan. both of us work in same area which is about intrusion detection in networking domain. now, she almost finish her research so do i. hehehehe. cuma aku de byk lg la nk polish2 sket. huhuhu. aku tgh struggle okay :) ok la tu. i'm just hoping that we could convo together nx yr. amin. (kalau sempat la)

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