Sunday, May 31, 2009

the answers

assalamualaikum semua..

entry kali ni adalah kesinambungan dari entry sebelum ni…

sbb aku nk bg jwpn bg quiz yg memeningkan pale tu..

so korang compare la dgn jwpn korg ;)



1. Seven Seas
2. Split Level
3. Forgive and Forget
4. Missing You
5. Downtown
6. Lucky Break
7. He’s By Himself
8. See Through Blouse
9. First Aid
10. West Indies
11. Six Feet Underground
12. Backward Glance
13. Tricycle
14. Reading Between The Lines
15. CrossRoads
16. Three Degrees Below Zero
17. Neon Light
18. Just Between You And Me
19. One in A Million
20. Broken Promise
21. You are out of touch
22. Life Begins at Forty
23. Jack In A Box
24. Growing Economy
25. Up before Eight
26. Just Around The Corner
27. Apple Pie
28. Making Up For Lost Time
29. Standing Ovation
30. I understand You Undertake to Undermine My Undertaking (waaahh…HE memang terel)=)

waahh…ade yg tepat kah??mesti la ada…nway, tabik spring la kat org yg buat benda ni..mmg creative=)

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